Welcome!! Please read this first!!

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Welcome!! Please read this first!!

Post by Admin on Sun Apr 26, 2015 5:40 pm

We would first like to welcome you to S.A.I.D.! We are happy that you have chosen to battle with us. We hope to be able to aid you to become a better tanker, learn something that might help you or even learn something from you that we don't know.


Everyone has a gripe, and everyone needs to vent. This is understood. That does not, however, give anyone the right to degrade, belittle, threaten, harass, constantly berate or include anyone's family in such verbal outbursts. Any post of this manner will be immediately removed, as well as the member perpetrating such vulgarities. There is no reason that we cannot talk and work through an issue like civilized individuals. That is your only warning!!

Now that's out of the way Smile

We want everyone here to be able to help each other. Everyone is a teacher, and everyone is a student!!!

If any member of this forum should require it, our admin and officers are always accessible to our members. We have an "open door" policy and nobody is exempt from our assistance.

Lets become the best out there and rule the battlefield!!!!!!

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